TornadoSpy+: Tornado Maps, Warnings and Alerts App Reviews

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Total waste of money

Total waste of money

Tornado Spy

Its ok actually very helpful so yeah I would recommend it

Dont waste ur $$

Ever since all the updates I do not get the same features I paid for. The pics u see promoting the app is not what u get. Total waste of $

Tornado Spy!!

Alerts Automatic!! Great App!

Very helpful!!

Great app for having an idea of possible tornado spottings! Worth it! :)

Tornado spy review

Tornado spy + is great stuff.


Im a Midwesterner, well aware of potential destruction caused by a tornado I greatly appreciate this apps first-rate, timely, and dependable information, thereby assuring me instant access to tornado warnings. My life experience proves this advance warning might save lives. How can a responsible person be without TornadoSpy+?


Im a truck driver. This app have saved me plenty of times from the worst kinds of thunderstorm. Great app to have!

Storm chasing

I am an amateur storm chaser, and I use this app to help me find a general area where storms are going to be the next day. Very accurate and helpful

Great tool !!

It works great to show where they have been sighted for tracking purposes. I use it every time theres a potential for bad weather. Living in tornado alley its a must have!!!!

Amazing and accurate & fast!

In Olathe Ks, nasty weather & I wanted an app. Downloaded and checked the map. OMG theres a tornado right outside! Sirens sounded 5 mins later! Thanks Tornado Spy for being speedy and accurate!

Great app!!!

I am a NWS trained spotter and this app is awesome!!! The ability for users to report tornadoes and hail activity AND to include a picture is a very useful tool to help bolster public safety!!!! I grew up in Texas and severe storms there are commonplace, but here in the northeast, they are rare. There is very little in the way of public notification about really severe weather (limited severe weather sirens) so this tool is VERY useful in getting the word out, sometimes even BEFORE the NWS issues a warning. In June 2011, tornadoes popped all around the northeast and users of this app reported a tornado about 15 minutes before ANY warning was issued. I wasnt using the app at that time, but in the history it shows that a user reported the tornado before the NWS!!! Unfortunately, the warning didnt get passed on early enough to prevent loss of life, but as more users come online, hopefully we can limit the loss of life and injury due to severe weather!!!!!

Best weather app I have!

Finally, a weather app I can trust to give me up to the minute info on hail and tornados! With this app, I can sleep, knowing I will be alerted if damaging weather is headed my way.

Support is fantastic

Great app!!! I cant believe the customer support. I was tired of getting texts from my local weather in the middle of the night for fog. Who cares about fog? This app will let me know if Im in danger!!!

Email alert only?!!

Just bought this and now realize the only alert they send, is to my email!?! Helpful at 8am, the only time I check my email. WAAAASTE OF $. Need an alarm with push notification or Im up in a funnel.

Great App

It gives me alerts before my local siren goes off.

One of, scratch that, Its the best !!

Great app and a fantastic way to stay informed. Its a must own for any weather or tornado information junkie. I purchased a Note 2 and regretted it instantly after finding out this is an Apple only app. Within 3 days I purchased an IPhone 5 and couldnt be happier watching the Note collect dust. This app is the sole reason I decided to replace the Note after days of ownership. I wont make that mistake twice. I should add, I have roughly 350 apps and 30ish are weather/radar related. Thanks for the hard work and great app!

Pretty good overall.

Pretty good app overall, but sometimes it will give me a warning for hail or tornado but when I open the app itself...nothing shows up.


Nice App. Please add a 2 hour motion view of the Radar so that viewers can estimate the direction a storm is heading. And the ability to adjust the overlay layers ALSO It would really help to identify NEW tornado updates when the screen is Flooded with sightings.

Great app when I needed it

I was on the road from tn to pa when we landed in horrible weather. I downloaded this app and within minutes I could look at maps and recent sightings reports to see if we were any danger. Great app. Worth the few bucks.

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